Ortigas Interchange – Mandaluyong, Philippines

The bridge is composed of 4 structures, East and West Ramps, North and South bound flyovers with 52-spans PSCG, total length of 482.91m. The retrofit works are conc. shear keys, steel jackets, footing retrofit, cable restrainer, pedestal strengthening and repair of cracks; Client: Department of Public Works and Highways

Magallanes Interchange: Makati, Philippines

The bridge is composed of three structures, Manila- Alabang Lane (301.60m, 13-spans, 12 piers), Cubao-Manila Lane (355.65m, 8-spans), Alabang-Cubao Lane (360.25m, 8-spans). All lanes with deck slab on steel girder. The retrofit works includes shear keys on abutment & piers, steel jackets and cable restrainers for all piers; Client: Department of Public Works and Highways

Commonwealth-Tandang Sora Flyover: Quezon City, Philippines

The bridge is a 9-span reinforced concrete deck girder with a total length of 260 meters with a clear roadway of 13.92 m. Seismic retrofitting work includes concrete shear keys on abutments and all piers and cable restrainers. Client: Department of Public Works and Highways

Ayala Bridge: Manila, Philippines

Rehabilitation of Ayala Bridge and Approaches alongSan Miguel, Manila, Philippines The project involves the repair & rehabilitation of the Ayala Bridge superstructures & substructures to conform to the current code. Aside from strengthening the bridge & raising it by 70 cm to increase vertical navigation clearance, the project involved the innovative revised substructure /seismic design. [...]

Mac Arthur Bridge: Manila, Philippines

Detailed Retrofitting Design for Strengthening of Mac ArthurBridge, Santa Cruz, Manila, Philippines To upgrade the load carrying capacity and seismic resistance of the existing Mac Arthur Bridge to avoid major damage in the event of a strong earthquake. Detailed engineering shall include structural and foundation investigation and the preparation of technical studies, plans and drawings, [...]

GMA-Kamuning Flyover: Quezon City, Philippines

The bridge is a 31-span reinforced concrete deck girder with a total length of 1100 meters. Seismic retrofitting work includes steel shear keys, steel jackets & cable restrainers; Client: Department of Public Works and Highways

Light Rail Transit: Manila, Philippines

Visual Examination, Documentation & Reporting of Faulty Concrete on Existing Viaduct & Stations on the Original Line-1 Mainline, Manila, Philippines The project was about the investigation & documentation of structural defects on any part or component of the ~14 km viaduct (including stations) that is essential to the stability that may be caused by faulty [...]

Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge: Bangladesh

Repair of the Cracks Developed and Construction of Wearing Course on the Deck of the Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge. Client: Jamuna Multi Purpose Bridge Authority

Baguio Flyover: Baguio City, Philippines

Consultancy Services for the Detailed Engineering for the Baguio Flyover, Baguio City, Philippines. The project is a 172 meter long, two-way flyover located at the Baguio General Hospital Rotonda. It is the second flyover constructed in the City of Baguio (the first was the Magsaysay Avenue Flyover), and was opened to the public on January [...]

Nguyen Van Troi-Tran Thi Ly Bridge: Vietnam

Construction Supervising Consultancy of Main and Approach Bridge (Eastern & Western Sides) of Nguyen Van Troi – Tran Thi Ly Bridge. The bridge is a continuous cable stayed bridge with a total length of approximately 755 m. The span lengths of the bridge are 4x50 + 230 + 45 + 4x50 + 30 + 26 [...]