Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge: Bangladesh

Repair of the Cracks Developed and Construction of Wearing Course on the Deck of the Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge. Client: Jamuna Multi Purpose Bridge Authority

Baguio Flyover: Baguio City, Philippines

Consultancy Services for the Detailed Engineering for the Baguio Flyover, Baguio City, Philippines. The project is a 172 meter long, two-way flyover located at the Baguio General Hospital Rotonda. It is the second flyover constructed in the City of Baguio (the first was the Magsaysay Avenue Flyover), and was opened to the public on January [...]

Nguyen Van Troi-Tran Thi Ly Bridge: Vietnam

Construction Supervising Consultancy of Main and Approach Bridge (Eastern & Western Sides) of Nguyen Van Troi – Tran Thi Ly Bridge. The bridge is a continuous cable stayed bridge with a total length of approximately 755 m. The span lengths of the bridge are 4x50 + 230 + 45 + 4x50 + 30 + 26 [...]